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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting Paid to Complete Offers

Ok here is another day and I have made a few more dollars at Cash Crate. Every penny counts. This is just so easy but yes a little time consuming. I want to see how much I can make for the month of June(which I just started the 18th).
to date: $11.85
pending: $7.25
referrals: $00 can ya help me out here? :(
I will receive 20% of what my referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make. This is a 2 tier referral program.

I really think for just beginning the 18th, I don't think I am doing too bad. Even for not having any referrals. I even moved in this time too! Trust me though, there is still boxes sitting around!
More tomorrow from my money making venture



Anonymous said...

I used to do CC too. But you have to know that the MONEY is in the referrals.
I am now in a program that does the same exact thing as CC, but for every referral you get u get between $150 - $75...on CC u only get a PERCENTAGE.
When comparing it to CC, its like nothing lol.
I wish u success with CC, but if u do that u should really check out the program I'm in.